Skye Coddington is a homeschooling mom who lives with her sweet family on the beautiful Central Coast in California.

In her final year of high school she won a full scholarship to the commercial art program in Buffalo, New York where she attended classes for 18 months. After this she transferred to SUNY Fredonia as an art major, and after a year and a half of study, she was persuaded to choose a more sensible career.  She switched her major to political science, but still managed to squeeze two photography classes into her final year of college.  After graduating in the fall of 1996 she decided to pursue a career in photography instead of law, and landed a photography internship in Albany, New York. When that opportunity was coming to an end in the spring of 1997, she made the spontaneous decision to move back to California (where she was born), and found another photography internship with Metro Newspapers. When this was completed, she talked her bosses into letting her stay on part time, and then eventually full time. While she was at the paper doing a ton of on the job learning, she also took photojournalism classes at San Jose State. 

Photojournalistic wedding photography was starting to become popular around this time, and having a strong entrepreneurial spirit,  in the year 2000, Skye decided to open up her own shop. She enjoyed working as wedding photographer in Northern California for 6 years - until she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl. She closed down her business in order to love up on her babies  full-time (a strapping baby boy came along in 2008), and then eventually to homeschool them. 

Skye and her family moved to the Central Coast in 2010, where her husband had gone to college, and where there was a lot more dirt, trees, and open space for them all to enjoy.  In 2014, she began taking semi-private lessons with a local artist, Carol Paquet,  and this is where she was encouraged to make the switch to oils.  Her work evolved to include her photography as an integral part of her painting process. After a year and a half, and an inspired garage cleaning out, she found she had space for a home studio where she continues to explore her medium and push her creative boundaries.