End of Summer News


glitter and acrylic on 10x10 canvas

It's been a long, happy summer full of new adventures and lots of kidlet playtime.  I'm back in the studio now, full-force, and tinkering around with new ideas that have been incubating.  In the past few weeks I've been stocking up on glitter, acrylics, metal leafing, and pearlescent pigments, and have given myself full permission to play around and see where my inspiration leads me. I've had urges to venture into new territory for awhile, but have felt anxious about branching out into work that might not be as popular as my oil paintings have been. My process of experimentation has been so satisfying and exciting, though, that I'm feeling really confident about this path.  I feel like I've come to a deeper understanding of what it means to dance with the muse....to trust what calls you. When I look at this work it fills me with such delight, and it has sort of opened the flood gate of ideas for me.  I am now committed to the practice of saying YES to my curiosity and see where it all takes me. 

The fall open studios tour is coming up soon, and you will have a good view of where my meanderings have taken me. I will still have plenty of my landscapes and dancers on display, as well!


Tank Farm Road.jpg

Tank Farm Road
oil on 10x10  canvas

This piece is in the latest Phantom Pop-Up gallery, and you have one more weekend to catch it - and the show before a new one pops up next week. I was just notified yesterday that this piece won the July Artist Choice award in the Gateway International Painting competition. So happy this little guy has been so well received!

This piece is special to me because it reminds me so much of when I was growing up, and of a very near and dear cousin I don't see nearly enough these days. My love for him is painted into this, and it is so sweet to have it be such a popular piece. 

The gallery location is 959 Higuera at Morro in San Luis Obispo, and the hours are 1-9pm Thurs-Sat.


Madagascar Swalllowtail.jpg

Madagascar Swallowtail
glitter and acrylic on 10x10 canvas

I have been going through some intense personal transformation recently, and have been drawn to the subject matter of butterflies and moths. A fact that I find fascinating is that when a caterpillar goes into a cocoon or chrysalis, her parts aren't just rearranged and embellished upon.  Everything inside turns to complete and total mush, and an entirely new being is formed.  My life is deeply resonating with this kind of magic at the moment, and I'm hungering to make lots and lots of winged insect art. I've already got a few pieces in the works, and am waiting on some more supplies to finish them. Stay tuned to see what emerges! 


Biddle Ranch Road    oil on 30"x40" canvas

Biddle Ranch Road

oil on 30"x40" canvas

The annual fall Open Studios event is coming up soon!  It seems I was just announcing the last one, but the big fall tour is already around the corner.  I will have my studio open to the public to share my work, talk about my process, answer any and all questions, and share my delicious double-butter chocolate chip cookies! I look forward to connecting with visitors new and old. 

447 Dixson Street
Arroyo Grande, CA

October 13/14 & 20/21
10am-5pm each day